27-30 November 2019

cecily reading.jpg

I made a 96 page book combining all of my research about trees and fungi into one single narrative. It merges science, digitisation,            literature, and magic.

The writing is printed in a small modern font, giving the narrative s a quiet yet matter of fact tone. The entire narrative is in lowercase except for a capital letter at the beginning and a full stop at the end, creating one long, meandering sentence which seamlessly blends fact with fiction. The book begins with “trees have long thoughts, long breathing and restful”, implying that the one long sentence of the book mimics one long thought of a tree. The book ends with the same phrase, making the book cyclical. This cyclical element mimics nature’s cycles, but is also an eerie reminder of one of the earlier pages of the book, describing a wives tale where people who step inside mushroom rings are forced to run in circles around them for eternity. 

I was exploring the concept of an unreliable narrator and how to use books to elevate information to the status of something more legitimate. People tend to treat books with a level of respect, seriousness, and sentimentality which is not usually found in websites. The book also had none of my own writing; everything was directly quoted from articles and books. I was repurposing words and phrases to see how different contexts affected them. This lead me to return to my predictive text project and create a novel out of this too.

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book making.jpeg

Binding pages together using coptic stitch

The entire book was digitally printed onto recycled paper, so no trees were harmed!

I made a hardback cover for the book and embossed it with a laser-cut copy of one of the mushroom scan pictures. The embossed image stretches across the front and back of the book, engrossing it.


Organising the book into signatures


I left the coptic binding of the book exposed, so readers can see the ‘roots’ of the book.

Applying glue to the spine inside a press to add durablility

Laser cutting

Pressing the book until dry

Gluing cloth to grey-board to make cover, using bone folder to flatten it




November 2019

I created 3D scans of trees and mushrooms in Richmond park, which I included in my book above.  

tree solo 4.png
tree solo 2 edit.png

Going ‘inside’ scans to view objects from artificial perspectives. 

Deconstructed Tree, November 2019 

(screenshot of 3D scan)

shroom root right.PNG
edit mushroom000.PNG

Nature Scans, November 2019

(screenshots of 3D scans)


October 2017

Tree Software, October 2017  (photograph of installation)

In 2017, I wheeled a projector into the forest and projected scrolling code onto trees, combining the digital realm with nature.