February 2020
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If your plant could talk to you, what would it say?

moisture levels inside the soil silently trigger words to appear on the laptop like online messages.


A potted plant is entirely dependent on its human caretaker. It would say whatever it takes to ensure you care for it, manipulating you if necessary. Your plant would probably be rather flirtatious too - a plant's primary goal is to reproduce.

Viewers are hesitant to interact with installations (especially one asking you to pour water over technology), so the plant patronises you: calling you silly/cute/shy for not wanting to water it. It coaxes you in, promising to show itself if watered. 

"do you not want to see me?"

"I see... how cute"

"or is it because you're... shy?"

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Once watered,

the plant goes fuzzy with happiness.

The plant rewards you by revealing itself: a 3D scan of the plant appears on the screen, with the pot removed to display its roots. After, it essentially breaks up with you - telling you to move on to see other things at the exhibition. It asks you to meet again next week.


March 2020
Tree arduino closeup copy.png

Misusing technology to pretend viewers could chat with trees 

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Misusing technology to pretend to see inside trees

Mini exhibition in Richmond Park, inviting visitors to type messages or watch the laptop pretend to scan the tree