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Top of Forest Shaps


Light installation in Longleat Forest, October 2017

Projected videos of shapes into the trees, which fragmented to create a surreal digital environment within the forest.

FP Tree Trunk Colour Bars.jpg

SMPT Colour Bars, October 2017  (photograph of installation, unedited)

Ella Chedbrun Projecting Code S_edited.j

Treee Code, October 2017  (photograph of installation, unedited)

Ella Chedburn Blue Square S_edited_edite
Ella Chedburn Yellow Circle S_edited.jpg
Ella Chedburn Red Triangle S_edited.jpg

Forest Light Sculpture Series, October 2017 

 (photograph of installation)

Woodland Void, October 2017  (photograph of installation, unedited)

Forest Void Series, October 2017  (photograph of installation) . Featured in Plathoes Cave Magazine: Encountering Value Beyond the Certainty Machine, February 2018

Video of shapes being projected into the trees, October 2017

Original video which was being projected, September 2017

Projector, plank of wood, wheelbarrow, laptop, generator, camera, tripod, umbrella.

Wheeled into the forest at night.


Acrylic paint on canvas, 42 x 60cm
September 2017

The Forest Light Installation was inspired by this painting.

It is currently on display inside the Walkie Talkie building in London as part of the LSM Art Award.

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